About Sheneica

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Sheneica Hunter is the founder of Your Hearts Desire Career Coaching. She is a Certified Career Coach, International Public Speaker, and Huffington Post Blogger. Sheneica has years of experience in public and private sectors. Sheneica specializes in working with people of all ages on identifying their passions, utilizing effective planning strategies, achieving their goals, and reaching their maximum potential.

After leaving the recruitment world in 2016, she knew that her destiny was larger than working a 9-5 for the rest of her life; she wanted to embark on a journey that would truly make her feel accomplished. So, she tapped into her old passion for dance, which allowed her to truly understand her talents and her niche. By utilizing the skills she learned from dance and her past experiences, Your Hearts Desire Career Coaching was created.

Sheneica leverages her previous experiences to continue her mission of unleashing and fulfilling people’s career desires. She believes that anything can be achieved with understanding, faith, research, and the knowledge of networking.

Sheneica continues to use her vast array of knowledge to impact many individuals; this allows her audience to capture their true essence after working with her personally and/or reading her works. Sheneica’s vision is to make an imprint on the world through career development.